Frozen Pizza

 La Pizza artigianale Romana “Alla Pala” is now frozen!

You can now order your Traditional Roman pizza delivered frozen to your home. Try one delivered straight to your home and enjoy it when you want with your friends and family.

Order and pay online, we will deliver it to your home in a safe sealed bag.

Born in the 60’s as an evolution of the more famous Neapolitan version, Pizza Romana alla pala is more a bakery pizza; High humidity and a long process of maturation makes it a lot lighter and easy to digest. Our traditional artisanal Roman pizza is made in New York with the best and freshest ingredients. The dough is made following the original Roman recipe with at least 24 hours maturation. It is cooked on stone in the traditional “Pala” size. (Approx. 12x17”) Immediately flash frozen to keep all the freshness and flavors.


Italian unbleached 00 flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh yeast. Less than 5% potato flakes, malt extract, fructose, soy lecithin.


 Italian tomatoes, whole-milk fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil


Remove it from freezer and let it defrost for 10/15 minutes while the oven gets hot. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 425F.


Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil before baking, you’ll love it!

Buon appetito

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Frozen Pizza Available for Deliveries on the following Locations

Manhattan Location

8 Mile Radius

  • etc with the new delivery area.

Monday to Saturday in our delivery area

New Jersey Location

8 Mile Radius

  • River Edge
  • Oradell
  • Ridgewood

Thursdays from 4 pm

Brooklyn Location

Coming Soon

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